My Summer Job

Since I’ve been home I have been working nonstop. I’m not going to name the place I work, but I am going to say I work in the event building of a country club. What that entails: I’m a busar/server at weddings and any parties that are booked there. In the beginning, I was a little nervous. It was a lot of work, I was on my feet and constantly moving for usually 6-9 hour shifts. When the parties were over, my job didn’t stop. Instead my coworkers and I were in charge of breaking down tables and setting the room up for the next event. It requires a lot of heavy lifting and preparation. The first few weeks of working there were draining, but as I made friends I started to get comfortable.

Of course at any new job, there were some hiccups in the road. Now, however, I can confidently say that I have made some amazing friends at my job. When it’s time for me to go back to school, I am definitely going to be upset.

This job though has taught me a lot of things. First: patience. It’s common for people to party hard at weddings and such, so patience is key when it comes to serving people at a party. Another thing I learned, that it was time for me to be a grown up. My parents have left me alone for the most part for the summer. Which means I’m half on my own. It has taught me responsibility, be on time for work, look presentable, get the job done, and you get paid. This has carried over into other aspects of my life which I am thankful for. It makes me excited to go back to school, I’m excited to take my experience and everything i have learned and apply it to everything in my life and future.

If you guys have the opportunity to work somewhere but you’re nervous that it made be a little difficult for you, don’t hesitate. Sometimes putting yourself out there will make you work ten times harder, but in the long run, it will be better. Take the job, push yourself, who knows what good can come out of it!

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