I would like to assume I’m pretty much an adult by now. I can do my own laundry, cook my own food, and get myself from point A to point B with little to no help. Although I’m not 21 yet (or even 20 for that matter), I’m what I like to call a “baby adult” – an adult, just without the purchasing or consuming of alcohol.

And as all adults must do at some point, I’m moving out and moving into an apartment next school year!


I know this is odd for someone who’s only a sophomore in college, but thanks to the overwhelmingly huge size of The University of Alabama, there’s just not enough space to house freshmen and sophomores on campus at the same time. Where most people could feel annoyed or upset about this, I’m actually very excited and grateful for the opportunity to have a space to really call my own earlier than some of my friends at other colleges will. I’m very lucky to have almost everything included in my rent (all utilities, all hard furniture, a walk in closet and ensuite, and my own bedroom!) I can’t wait to share my apartment shopping list with y’all!

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