An Honest Timeline of What Going to an 8am Feels Like

So you made the mistake of signing up for that 8am because you thought “one early class a week won’t be that bad!” only to realize, you’ve thought horribly wrong. Or you’re like me and have the literal last registration date and this was the only time for that course you NEEDED for your major. It’s fine, everything’s fine. Either way, I think y’all can relate to this one.


Wake up to finish your homework that’s due at 8 this morning because you just had to go out last night


Immediately regret your decision to let your friends drag you out to the bars


Finish and submit homework, try to pick out an outfit that can work with Alabama 40 degree mornings and 80 degree afternoons


Give up, keep your pajama pants on, throw on your boyfriend’s sweatshirt, and get ready to go to class


Call your parents and complain about your 8am like you do every Tuesday and Thursday, but really you know you brought this upon yourself


Get on bus, assume you wont make it in time, and accept your fate


Have your last resort alarm go off in class because you shockingly made it to your lecture hall early

So you made it to class. Now what? What happens then?


Your teacher spends 5 minutes dimming and brightening the lights. Please just leave them off


Sign your name in bright pink pen to channel your inner Elle Woods, because if she can get into Harvard, you can get through your 8am


Complain to Kate about how bad this sucks


Pay attention to class because wow college credits are expensive!


Get on your bus to go back to your dorm and get strange looks for your pajama pants, because now people are actually starting to become alive, instead of being teenage zombies


Crawl back into bed and nap because you did it. You went to your class. You got that attendance credit. Treat yo self

Sign Off



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