What Getting Mono in College Is Actually Like

So we all know that getting sick is honestly the worst thing in the world. You feel run down, exhausted, and overall super gross.

While getting sick at home when you have your parents to take care of you is one thing, getting sick in college is a completely different experience.

Earlier in the school year (think around October), I got mono. No, I didn’t get it from kissing a bunch of different boys and swapping spit. While this is the most well-known way that mono gets passed (it is called the kissing disease after all), we have no idea how I caught it. It could be from the dining halls, it could be from slapping the bag (if you don’t know, Google it), or it could be from sharing drinks. Either way, mono sucks. Especially in college.

Once you get into college, the expectations people have are totally different. You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) skip classes, you’re supposed to know what to feed yourself, and somehow between balancing all this work and a social life, you’re also supposed to get sleep too. Once mono comes into play, these become incredibly high expectations.

The reality of having mono in college is that nothing will get done. You’re going to be tired all the time and still have to go to class anyway. You won’t be hungry, you will be expected to haul ass across campus even though your body aches like you have the flu, and you’re going to have a burning fever.

Or, if you’re extra lucky like me, your tonsils will swell up and not go down for 6 months causing you to need them out 🙂

Stay safe kids, don’t share drinks, wipe down your plates at the dining halls, and stay healthy! Oh, and don’t go kissing boys, they’re gross.

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