The Best Things About College (And the Not so Good Too)

So now that I am currently a second semester freshman in college, I would like to think that I know the ins and outs of where I live. So here are some of the best (and not so great) things about college and my school.

The Good Things:

  1. It’s easy to make friends – one thing I found out fast at school is how easy it is to make friends. Your classes are constantly changing so it gives you the ability to make new friends.
  2. There are endless opportunities – Personally, I am constantly getting emails from my school with different opportunities for me to take part in. Check them out! Who knows what they might lead to.
  3. Non stop activities to participate in – There are an endless amount of work out classes and club activities that everyone can take part in. I enjoy doing it and maybe you will to!
  4. You can finally get away from home – This kind of speaks for itself.
  5. It teaches you how to be independent – This is a major thing that I noticed. As soon as school started I realized that I was on my own. I had to take care of myself, I didn’t have mom and dad making sure I was safe. I think it’s kind of cool though, to be able to do things on your own.


The Not so Good:

  1. It’s hard to keep your dorm room clean – the rooms are pretty small so the tiniest of dirt or mess and it looks like a hurricane went through.
  2. You will get into fights with your roommate/roommates – it’s ok to fight, just be patient and talk everything out.
  3. You are going to miss home – this is natural, but after a while, if you found the right school, you will begin to think of it as your home.
  4. The food is horrible – It is something that will take time adjusting to. A lot of people think they won’t miss their parents home cooked meals, but trust me, you will.
  5. Everyone is constantly getting sick – There are so many germs flying around people are constantly getting sick, it’s horrible. Just be sure to pack a lot of medicine and immune boosters!

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