How I Stay Close to My High School Friends

One thing I realized at college is how hard it is to stay in touch with my friends from home. We all had different schedules and work loads, we made new friends and had new places to explore. I came to the realization that my real friends were the ones who contacted me every once in a while to check up on me, and my life long friends were the ones who texted me daily. See that was the thing, I made sure to keep my friends updated on my life. The reason? I wanted them to feel like they were still there with me. I wanted them to know I wanted their advice and a pair of fresh eyes when new things were occuring.

Social media definitely made staying in contact with my home friends easier. Through Snapchat they had access to any videos or pictures I posted and were in the present. Through Instagram, they could see the past, and some of my favorite memories. I gave my friends updates on my life through text, and we FaceTimed whenever we could.

I’ll admit, being away from my home friends is hard. They know me like the back of my hand, and starting over and finding new friends who would hopefully know me that well was hard. One thing I was also nervous about was if my old friends would be jealous of my new friends. Thankfully, I am glad to report that this is not the case.

I know for some it must be hard to stay close with friends even when you are miles and miles away. A little effort can go a long way!

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