We Went to Europe… and Survived!

So Kay and I have been off the map for a good amount of time, but I promise we have a good excuse! We went to Europe with our school for about 10 days, and the moment we came back we were thrown back into work and other activities. So in this post we are just going to summarize our trip, and then we are going to go more in depth about our trip and share pictures.

The trip in general was SO AMAZING. It was exciting to be traveling around the world with my friends. The flight there was kind of killer, it was a red eye flight and let me tell you, it was nearly impossible falling asleep. Kay and I both took ZzzQuil in hopes of sleeping through the entire thing… let me tell you, that did NOT happen. Instead I was awoken several times because of the flight attendants in addition to not really being able to find a comfortable position. The flight was five and a half hours, and I probably got 3 hours of sleep.


When we landed it was 7 in the morning so we had a full day ahead of us. The excitement of being in a foreign country took over and kept us awake until mid afternoon until the entire group of girls just simultaneously collapsed from exhaustion. The trip went by fast, and we made soooo many memories that I think we can both say we will cherish forever. I must admit there were some bad times, like that one dinner where about half of us couldn’t eat the food, but there were good times too. Those good times will be making an appearance in the next couple of posts, so stick around!




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