The Addams Family

So as you guys know from my last post my final high school musical was The Addams Family. I am getting pretty sentimental about it all. The show is finally over. 3 and a half months of blood, sweat, and tears, the curtain is finally closed. I must admit it took the cast a VERY long time to pull the show together. We called extra rehearsals and were at the school for 4-6 hours almost everyday. With only a week until opening it was very evident that we were not ready to perform in front of an audience. People were panicking, and the directors were getting impatient. Somehow everyone in the cast and crew realized that it was time to take everything seriously, for about 30 of us it was our last show after all.


Opening night was probably the best performance we ever gave. I went out there and gave it my all for every single show, and by the end it was evident that we wanted this show to be the best yet. The lighting was amazing, the set was large and intimidating, the costumes were sparkly, the dances were timed to perfection, and the cast and crew loved what they were doing.


When it came to closing night… well I was very emotional. First I thanked my dear friend (for now I will call her Maggie). Maggie introduced me to musical theater, and without her I would not have met some of the most amazing people. The cast and crew… they are apart of my family. When they gave me my senior rose I was sobbing hysterically. The last song called “Move Toward the Darkness” really sucker punched all the seniors. By the last night we could barely get through the final lines. My friend (I will call Kris) who played Wednesday (and is a sophomore) looked back at me and winked with tears in her eyes. Maggie (who played Alice) also looked back and let the tears fall. My other senior friends were all in line with me as we sang the final words of the closing song, and it was clear that we were all a mess. Seeing everyone on stage crying, well it hit me how doing musical theater has really made a large impact on my life. Sure you guys may think I’m a loser, but try going on stage one day, look out into the “audience”, maybe you will get it, maybe not. I hope you do get it though.


I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the musical that really made me laugh or made me feel emotional. 

“Time, my dear, is a thief. She’ll steal your soul and flee on little fairy wings.”- grandma


“Death is just around the corner”- Morticia

“It’s Family first and Family last and Family by and by”- Ancestors


“Move toward the darkness, conquering your pain. Late each foreign forest, offer you its rain. Only at our lowest, can we rise above. Move toward the darkness….. And love.”- Lurch and the ancestors.  

“To the moon Alice”- Fester


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! If you guys ever have the opportunity to do a musical or even just hear some music from one please take the time to do so!



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