Spring is in the Air and… We’re Back!

Hey guys! I wanted to take the time to apologize for us not posting at all. Kay and I have been focusing on college decisions, she has been going through some anxiety, and I have been finishing up the final stretch of musicals and performances. I can’t speak for Kay, but I am back and better than ever. I have used this little break to reflect on what is going on in my life and make some pretty big decisions for my future. I wanted to take the time to catch you all up on what is going on in my life!

At the end of March I finished up my final high school musical, The Addams Family. The experience was absolutely amazing. The show in general is amazing, and I am so incredibly proud of the cast and crew and how we really pulled it together. I must say though the make up for the show was pretty intense. (Try painting your entire body white for three weeks… your skin will start to hate you and you will also find that it is impossible to look good with all white make-up and black contour.) When it came to getting my final senior rose I was a complete mess. I cried and cried for hours because I knew that eventually I would have to say goodbye to some of my best friends. The cast party was fun but there was some drama here and there. At the end of the day though I look back on my experience with all my friends and the shows I have done and I am sooooo thankful for having met them and going through all four years of high school with them. There will be a post coming up with some pictures of The Addams Family and I will go into more detail of the entire process.

I also want to take the time to announce that I will be attending Quinnipiac University in the fall! I will be studying Business and as of right now I am undecided in the Business department, but I am leaning towards Marketing. I have already met my roommate and we have already gotten really close (Don’t worry though she could NEVER replace Kay). There will be posts soon on packing for college and how I made the whole decision so stay tuned for that.

The end of Kay and I’s high school career is approaching… fast. We will be going to senior prom, graduating, and partaking in a lot of activities. I will try and keep you guys updated and I am planning some fun posts, so just stay with us please, I promise you won’t be disappointed!



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