Funniest Traveling Moments

My family and I are big world travelers. Every summer since I was a 7 my parents would take my brother and I on vacations around the world. During those vacations my family and I have had some ups and downs. Here are some of the funny moments.(WARNING: some of the pictures you are going to see will be… well… weird.) 

That time we went to London and my brother forgot his ipod on the plane… and it ended up in China.

That time when my dad thought he forgot his camera at the hotel and had to walk over a three mile bridge to get it and back.. Only to realize he had the camera all along.

That time we went to China and we were up for 24 hours and STILL weren’t aloud to go to sleep.

That time my mother and I got on the wrong train and realized it seconds before.

That time my mom and I had a little too fun on the Eiffel Tower.


That time I was in Portugal and I almost got blown off a mountain while my family just sat.. and watched… and laughed.(This picture makes it seem much prettier than it actually was. Trust me, I was terrified.) 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

That time I got really sunburnt in Florida and my brother thought it would be funny to slap my sunburn endlessly.

That time I lost my mother in France because she thought it would be funny to just walk away without telling me.

When my brother and I were playing on a jungle jim in the park and I proceeded to fall off it while my brother and dad looked on without doing anything.


When we were in Cancun and my brother pushed me off the dock and into the ocean right after we took a cute and loving picture together.


When I was still in Cancun and I accidentally flashed a bunch of people while trying to take a Marilyn Monroe styled picture… whoops.


When I was in France and people thought I was a model and so the entire day my mom convinced people I was a very famous American model.


When I convinced my mom that this was the right way to wear sunglasses.


When my parents abandoned my brother and I on a tour so we sat in a van for two hours… this photo happened.


When I went horseback riding in Peru and had the struggle of a lifetime actually getting on the horse.


But hey… these are what make the best memories!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



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