Organization & Cleaning Tips


As you all know one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get organized this year. Well 11 days into the new year I can honestly say that I’m still trying to do so. It’s a slow process, but my room is starting to become less cluttered and more organized. I have learned great tips and tricks for staying on task and how to tell if you really need whatever you’re questioning.

  1. Make your bed!

    It’s a lot easier to clean and organize if you start with a clean space and your bed looks neat.

  2. Put stray clothing away and into the laundry basket.

    Like I said, clean space = more motivation!

  3. Having multiples.

    If you have more than one of the same thing that you don’t use, you probably don’t need it. This applies to everything except white camis.

  4. Bins are your friend!

    My closet is organized with bins containing socks, spandex, workout clothes, extra body products, etc.

  5. Dust your entire room.

    It will make you feel 1000% times better I swear. No dust = breathing better.

  6. If you have to think about whether you need it or not, you don’t.

    If you’re not going to miss it, you don’t need it. Enough said.

  7. Turn your hangers backward.

    Every time you wear something, turn them the right way. If by the end of the year you don’t wear whatever is left, donate it.

  8. Get rid of what doesn’t fit.

    Those old bras and undies that don’t fit anymore? Chuck them. You won’t wear them.

  9. Excessive room decor.

    Clean space will keep your mind at peace! Clutter is not your friend.

  10. Under the bed bins.

    These are great for storing extra shoes, things that you don’t want to be seen, or things that you just don’t have space for.

  11. Don’t throw out everything. Donate it instead!

    There are people out there that would kill for everything you have.

  12. If you drop something, pick it up.

    You’ll save stress in the long run and won’t have to spend time cleaning.

  13. Don’t be a hoarder.

    You don’t need that empty box or candle jar. Throw them out. Recycle. Just don’t keep them.

  14. One thing in, two things out.

    This is a rule I use for clothes, candles, and everything else. The only exceptions are undergarments, wardrobe basics, and necessary items.

  15. Find what works for you!

    You’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t have a system for putting things away and organizing, you’re going to get overwhelmed.

I hope these ideas and tips help you to reach the level of organization that you truly want. Happy cleaning!



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