I Caught Senioritis


Every senior across the country is starting to feel the same thing right now: senioritis.

Whoever said that senior year was going to be easy lied. For those of you who don’t know what senioritis is, it’s the unfortunate disease that seniors get after midterms. It’s a time when most of us have gotten into college and just couldn’t be bothered to care anymore. We’ve done what we need to and now we just want to lay back and enjoy our last year of high school.

I’ll admit, while I haven’t even taken midterms yet, I have senioritis. My motivation is going down and my desire to sleep is increasing. I wear sweatpants to school under my uniform skirt and don’t take them off, and heck sometimes I even consider going to bed in my uniform so I can sleep just a little bit later. I’ve gotten into college and know that as it nears closer to graduation day, my senioritis will continue to get worse.

We just have to make it through midterms and then hopefully things will get easier. Happy studying and hopefully I can recover from dreaded senioritis.



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