My Obsession with Hairspray Live!

More than a month ago Hairspray Live! Aired on NBC. Being a complete musical theater nerd, I can say that I was beyond excited to see it. I’m pretty sure the entire time I was sitting on my couch crying because of how beautiful the show as a whole was. The show was casted perfectly, the costumes were sparkling, and the music was beautiful. Here are the highlights of the show (or some of my favorite parts/ lines:

Maddie Baillio: I have to say that my favorite part, the breakthrough of the show for me would have to be when she sang Good Morning Baltimore Reprise. This is at the point in the story where Tracy is in jail because she stands up for what she believes in. Maddie Baillio really brought the emotion to this song, and it is by far one of my favorite ones from the musical.


Ariana Grande: Ariana Grande played the role of Penny perfectly, at least that is what I believe. I have two favorite songs that she participated in. The first one was Mama I’m a Big Girl Now. It is in this song that we can see how “oppressed” Penny is because of her very religious mother. My second favorite song is Without Love. Here Penny is being saved by her love Seaweed, and I can say that Ariana and Ephraim Sykes sang this song beautifully.Hairspray Live! - Season 2016

Derek Hough: He is just a dancing god and was amazing in the entire show. That’s all I have to say.


Jennifer Hudson: She slayed every song she sang. Like honestly she is sang every song perfectly and she is just a truly magical being.

Hairspray Live! - Season 2016

Garret Clayton: OK BUT LIKE HE IS SO HOT LET’S TAKE A MOMENT AND APPRECIATE. Anyway…. Yeah is he like a beautiful golden god and he sang wonderfully and danced beautifully. I honestly can’t complain he played the role of Link perfectly.

Hairspray Live! - Season 2016

Dove Cameron: My favorite song that she performed in was Mama I’m a Big Girl Now for the sole reason of one of the lines she sang “Once upon a time I used to dress up Ken, but now that I’m a women I like BIGGER men”. She held her own in that song, and I loved watching her sparkle on stage.

Hairspray Live! - Season 2016

Kristin Chenoweth: She just down right slayed this role.

Hairspray Live! - Season 2016

Ephraim Sykes: He played an amazing Seaweed. Honestly his voice was amazing, his dance moves were amazing, and he sang Run and Tell That with such energy I wanted to get up and dance for days. That really doesn’t make any sense but if you just watch him perform it, you would get what I am saying.

Hairspray Live! - Season 2016

Shahadi Wright Joseph: Shahadi played little Inez, but in no way was her presence little. Her part in Run and Tell That was sang perfectly, and that high note was just WOW!


So there it is! If you guys really just are in the mood to watch something that will make you happy and dance, I HIGHLY recommend this show!



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