Midterm Study Tips


While some of you may be over and done with your midterms already, in New Jersey we, unfortunately, are not. For a high school student, major testing can be the most stressful part of the entire year. So while you’re sitting there finishing your study guides, making flashcards, and probably dying internally, here are some things that can help you get through studying and make it a little bit easier.


Make flash cards

Making flash cards is one of the best things you can do to help yourself. Not only is writing proven to help you remember things better, you’ll also have a quick and portable way to review and study.

Don’t cram

Cramming is the worst thing you can do. With so much information to remember and all the other classes you have to worry about, you’re going to cause yourself insane amounts of stress and a mental breakdown too

Listen to classical music/alpha waves

If you’re going to listen to music while you study, make sure it’s something that isn’t distracting. Alpha waves are a calming and stress-free type of music that increases your focus and productivity.

Study with others

There’s only so much time you can spend studying alone. Studying with others is a great way to memorize things, get quizzed, and it can give you insight into things that you may have missed while trying to study alone.Go to teachers for help

Go to teachers for help

If you’re having trouble with a concept, go to your teachers! They’re there to help you. More often than not it will really help and they’re going to remember that you came for help when you were struggling.

Study breaks

These go hand in hand with cramming. If you sit down and try to study all of the information all at once, your brain will get overwhelmed and at a certain point, stop retaining what you’re trying to go over. Breaks are essential for remembering things and your mental sanity.

Find what helps you remember

If there is something that you know helps you remember things, do it! I learn and remember best with sarcasm, so all of my notes are incredibly sarcastic. Explore different options and ideas, and find what sticks.

Happy studying, and may the odds be ever in your favor.



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