12 Things to Leave Behind in 2016

  • Toxic Friends
    • Get rid of all the bad people in your life.
  • Social Media Stalking
    • Put the phone down and slowly walk away…..
  • Man Buns
    • Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE man buns… but the trend is over, cut it off… please?
  • Vaping
    • We get it… you vape.
  • Netflix and Chill
    • I just want to lay in my bed and eat chocolate and chips… no hook ups… thank you.
  • Negative Self Talk
  • Regrets
    • Don’t regret ANYTHING
  • Following Trends
    • Be original.
  • Excessive photo editing
    • Just… Why?
  • Excessive Makeup
    • You don’t need to cake it all on. Sometimes natural beauty is the best beauty.
  • Crop Tops
    • We don’t want to see your belly buttons anymore… sorry.
  • Overly Distressed Jeans
    • We don’t need people looking like their jeans got destroyed by a bear… like why? What is the point of that?



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