Walking Down the Runway… and Not Tripping

Recently, Kay and I were in a fashion show as a charity event for our school. The day started off early waking up at 8 and heading to the event place (but of course I stopped at Starbucks first). The moment we got there we were ushered into the ballroom and were partnered with some teenage guys (it was really awkward). Once we were partnered we had to practice walking down the runway (which oddly enough took a REALLY long time to figure out). By the time we were finished it was 9:30, and that gave us plenty of time to do our hair and makeup since the show started at 12:30.

My friends and I were blessed to be able to wear prom dresses this year (some of them were just drop dead gorgeous), and when I found out that I was the closing dress I felt very honored (although I was very nervous about tripping and falling). By the time the show started I could tell we were all exhausted and starving (they didn’t give us any food in fear of ruining the dresses)  and just wanted the day to be over.


When it came to walking down the runway, I must admit that it was an odd experience. It’s weird to have someone talking about who you are, what you like to do, what your future plans are (lol), and what you are currently wearing. The entire time I was blushing like a maniac while trying to not fall flat on my face or off the stage. It was even weirder when the entire show was over and I was walking around due to the fact that I kept receiving compliments on my dress.  I always thought that being a model must be fun, but after getting a slight taste of what it was like, I must say I don’t think I am cut out for the model life.



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