18 Things I Can Do at 18

Hey guys!Friday, we’re celebrating my 18th in NYC at Lips! I can’t wait to have an amazing time partying it up with my friends and drag queens. Since I turn 18 in TWO DAYS (!!) and this is obviously a huge milestone, I thought I would share 18 things (not all necessarily good) that I can finally do!

  1. Get a tattoo (fully plan on doing this – sorry in advance mom)
  2. Sign for my own piercings
  3. Vote! (even though I missed the presidential election by three days…)
  4. Buy a lottery ticket
  5. Become an organ donor
  6. Jury duty
  7. Apply for Canadian citizenship (because let’s be honest, that’s our best bet right now)
  8. Book a hotel room
  9. Buy fireworks
  10. Sky dive and bungee jump! (I’m so ready let’s go)
  11. Change my name (legal middle name here I come – story to follow)
  12. Drink in Europe
  13. Gamble
  14. Drive past 11 and have more than one person in my car
  15. Go to real people jail
  16. Get into some nightclubs
  17. Sue someone (because honestly why not?)
  18. Book a cruise

There are so many other things that I will be able to do, but this is just a list of some of the best ones. As scary as turning 18 is, I’m ready (not really). Life is a new adventure, and I’m ready to take it full speed ahead.



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