I Finished My College Apps! (And Got Accepted)

Hi everyone! Today is a great day to be a senior. And by that, I mean I finished all my college applications and got accepted to a school already!

Now this isn’t the norm for most seniors at this point, but for me, my deadline was October 15th. Nursing tends to have an earlier deadline than other majors and I am incredibly grateful for that right now. Everything is in, and now comes the hard part: waiting.

Waiting is easily the hardest part about applying to college because the entire process is out of your hands. You submitted the application, now you’re waiting for someone to read it and hopefully admit you into their school. It’s nerve wracking to wait for your top choice but well worth it in the end!

I’m excited to say that I was accepted to Lynchburg College in Virginia and got a scholarship! lynchburgnewcollegelogo

It feels like a thousand pounds have been lifted off of my shoulders to have been accepted into a school! At least I’m going somewhere! I have yet to visit but from what I’ve seen, it looks absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it!



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