My Current Obsession: Heathers


When I tell you I love Heathers: The Musical, I LOVE it. I have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat to the point where my mother is getting annoyed. It’s such a classic mean girls centered plot, with insanely catchy songs and fantastic 80’s fashion. While it is not on Off-Broadway anymore, I’ve been hearing things about them putting it on Broadway and turning it into a movie musical! My inner musical lover is just dying to break free right now.

Until this happens, you can watch the entire show on YouTube here. I don’t advise watching this show with parents or anyone under the age of 15 because there are some very mature themes and parts. I highly highly recommend listening to the soundtrack. Candy Store and Dead Girl Walking are two of the catchiest most addicting songs in my opinion. Seventeen never fails to make me cry because let’s be honest here, my days as a 17-year-old are going quickly and it makes me sentimental listening to it.

In addition to the hysterical lines incorporated throughout, it’s just an all around feel good musical.

If musicals are not your thing, the movie is on Netflix.

Listen to the soundtrack here!



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