B2S: How to Survive the School Year



Now that school has officially started I feel like now is the best time to give advice for getting through the long and somewhat tortuous school year.  

Get a lot of sleep

Trust me, sleeping helps. I find that when you have a test in the morning, the night before, it is much easier to go over your notes quickly and then sleep instead of staying up the entire night cramming. Go to sleep early, and if you still feel uneasy wake up early the next day and look over your notes again. This way, you will have gotten a good night’s rest and won’t be falling asleep in class, or while taking a test.

Get your homework done

I know a lot of students like to go home and relax, but I can promise you that if you go home and do your homework almost immediately, you will have so more time to study, and relax.

Find clubs/sports to Join!

I find it important to join after school activities. That way, not only are you making friends, but you are being active and not isolating yourself and staying home. Go out there! Be Active and make friends!

Eat Well

It’s important to keep your nutrition! It is understandable that while during the school year, you are very busy and don’t have time to eat a healthy meal. Just make sure that you DO eat! Your meal doesn’t always have to be healthy, but if you have a moment to eat an apple

Stay Organized

It’s important to stay organized. You don’t want your papers and notes flying around and mixed together. I found it easier to use a large binder to keep all my notes in for every class. Using just one binder for all classes allows me to have a lighter backpack, and i can never forget my books at home since it is just one.There is no harm in buying several notebooks.


The school year, although stressful, can be fun. Go out with your friends on random adventures (as long as they are safe)! You need a break from all the tests and homework! Work hard, but give yourself a chance to have fun!

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