A Trip Down (Italy’s) Memory Lane


Benvenuto a Italia!

I was blessed last summer to be able to take a trip to Italy. It was truly amazing! Although it was VERY hot, I visited some truly amazing places. The first day I arrived I immediately visited a castle/ moat called Swabian Castle. If you are into amazing architecture, and you happen to be in Italy, I recommend visiting it!


From there I went to Lake Como, and it was absolutely breathtaking. I stayed in a small apartment with my family, that was very old fashioned, and was located in a small town that I fell in love with. There was water everywhere, and the mountains that surrounded you created a very peaceful atmosphere.


I also took a boat to visit other towns (as well as a glass factory which was very interesting) that surrounded the one I stayed in. It is truly amazing to see how these towns are able to live in the middle of a mountain. I was even more shocked when I found that most of the houses didn’t have air conditioning (and for that I applaud the people who live in those houses), but instead relied on the wind of the water to cool them down. They also lived without internet, and when they wanted to keep in touch with the outside world, they would have to go to their town square where they can access internet for free, and for thirty minutes.


From Lake Como I traveled to Venice. The moment I exited the train station I was met with water. Trying to find a water taxi was hard, but once you secured one, it was fascinating to learn that the people in Venice rely on boats to travel around.


I stayed in a large hotel that used to be the house of a very rich family. That night my parents, my brother, and I decided to go on a gondola ride. At first, I was terrified. I was scared that we were going to crash into another gondola, or my brother would flip us over. But once the fear went away, I was truly mesmerized by the amazing buildings, colors, and people, that surrounded me.


From Venice, I convinced my mom to make a stop by Romeo and Juliet’s balcony. I waited on a large line so I could walk through the Capulet’s house and stand on the balcony. Since I read Romeo and Juliet right before that, I was so happy to stand on something that I thought was fake since it was in a book. I also wrote a small letter to my future husband, and placed it in a small hole in the wall. It was weird seeing all these people doing the same thing as me (writing to their loved ones, or future loves). I even took a picture with the statue of Juliet. They say if you rub her breast (which is VERY weird) it brings you luck, and love!


Next stop? A place I can never remember the name of (sorry). My parents rented a house on the side of a mountain, that overlooked the ocean, and allowed us access to a private pool (that also overlooked the water).


That place was so amazing, and the houses and abandoned places that surrounded it were so fascinating. The entire place was so colorful and peaceful.


It was really hard leaving Italy. I still miss the amazing food, the high end shops, and the breathtaking buildings and views. To anyone who is on the fence about going to Italy, please go. It was such an amazing experience and I would do anything to be back in Italy watching the sunsets.


Arrivederci Italia!

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