An Open Letter to Graduates

Dear Graduates,

I write this letter to you, almost as a goodbye, but I swear it isn’t. It’s more of, how should I put this, a sending off. It doesn’t matter if you are graduating from high school or college, either way, it’s a big deal. So? Congratulations. You made it this far. Your life is about to start. Whether you are on the path you have always planned on, or if you wandered from the path, you made one. You made a path, and that alone is pretty big.

It’s weird to think that at one point you were six years old. You were jumping around your house imagining yourself as a princess, or a superhero, or even an astronaut.It’s also weird to think that only a couple years ago, even a couple of days ago, you were partying and having fun, almost like you didn’t have a care in the world.  And here you are now, future a businessman/women, a police officer, and possibly an astronaut. You must feel pretty good about yourself right? I mean, I would. Not that I would know since I still have another year left, but hey, pass the torch down to us young kids who are still figuring out our future. We wish you luck, and we wish you many happy years, and an amazing future.

I applaud you. You are going out into the real world now, and that seems pretty scary. As children we always imagined what the real world would be like. Will you let us know if it’s everything we imagined it to be? Even if it isn’t, you have the ability to change it all, and want to know a little secret? Us younger kids following your footsteps will follow you.  You are setting the standards for future generations, and you are following past generations footsteps. You can do it, I know you can.

So I would like to say farewell my friends. Go out into the real world, and make some big changes. Say goodbye to middle school, and high school, (even college if you just graduated). Say goodbye to the late night convos with your friends where you wondered what your future will look like. The future is here. Say goodbye to the endless times you went out to party. Say goodbye to every bad thing that ever happened to you. Make a clean slate. You can do it. I believe in you.

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