Memorial Day Madness

Happy “Friday” everyone!

It’s almost memorial day, and almost every school in New Jersey has off tomorrow and Monday (maybe even today and Tuesday if you’re lucky!) As much as we all wanted our snow days during the winter, I have to admit having extra time off for Memorial Day is so much better. This Friday (tomorrow!) I have my boyfriend’s senior prom, so unfortunately I will not be going down the shore but I can’t complain because I’ll be in the city on Saturday for after prom.

Not to be a Debbie downer, but a break isn’t what this day is about. While it’s nice to get a break from school, we need to remember what this holiday is really all about. This is a day to remember all of our fallen war heroes, the ones who died fighting for our freedom and safety. If you see someone you know who is a soldier, retired or not, please thank them for their contribution to our country. Keep the fallen men and women and their families in your thoughts while you’re celebrating on Monday.

With that being said, here is an inspiration board to get you ready for the break!

Enjoy your break, and remember to thank all those that protect and keep us free. Have fun & be safe!



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