Starry Summer Nights

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Dear Readers, (this is me grasping for something to write about, I’m afraid I might have writers block)

Summer is coming, and with summer, comes summer nights. There are endless nights where possibilities are infinite. To some, those possibilities follow the hopes and dreams that we wish to come true. During these summer nights, we convince ourselves that everything will be alright, and that everything we dream of will actually happen. Why is it that we believe that all dreams can be made possible during the summer? Is it because we aren’t in school, and we aren’t spending our already short days trying to figure out math problems? (problems that we most likely will never use in the future) Is it because during the day we are incapable of imagining things that seem more real in the shadows of the night?

I like to think that most of us still have our imaginations intact. That society, and reality, havent stripped us of the one thing that makes us so special.  Walking through the halls of my school though, shows me a much different picture. We are all obsessed with image and status, popularity and boys/ girls. It’s weird to think that at one point, we played with dolls, dolls that we were convinced could talk. We walked around our house thinking it was a castle, that you were a prince/ princess, and that everyone else around you were peasants.

Now? All we do is study statistics and facts, we obsess status, money, and power. I suppose this entire post has turned into something of a rant, and for that I apologize. But don’t you want those summer nights back? Where anything could happen? Where you could fall in love with a boy, where you could dance in the middle of the street in the pouring rain, where you could just sit by the pool and relax. Don’t you want that all back? Well I dare you. I dare you to relax this summer, to stay up late at night and dream. I. Dare. You.

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