A Guide To: Prom


Here are some tips on how to survive the stressful day… and hopefully a really fun night!

  1. Make your appointments in advance – I recommend making your hair appointment first. When you go to schedule it, ask how long it will take for your particular hair style  so you can make sure it won’t conflict with your makeup appointment. When making a makeup appointment, make sure you have a picture or somewhat of an idea what you want. When arriving to your appointments, relax. You are going to look great!
  2. Make sure you know what you want – Looking online for what you want makeup and hair wise is very important. You should plan ahead, so that when the day comes, you’re not stressed about how your hair is going to come out, or you aren’t fighting with the makeup artist because they messed up your makeup.
  3. Have everything laid out the night before – The night before prom make sure you lay out your dress, have your shoes and purse prepared. If you are sleeping over someone’s house have your bag packed and ready to go. You don’t want to be rushing around after your appointments to get everything together. Trust me when I say it’s stressful, and you want prom day to go as smoothly as possible.
  4. Make sure your date knows what to wear and the times of everything – When it comes to making sure your date knows what to wear, I would highly recommend getting it done early. Make sure you tell your date whether you want them to wear a suit or tux, bow tie or tie (make sure the color matches your dress!) and what flower you want for your corsage.
  5. Make sure your parents know everything so they are not running around confused – Please keep your parents informed. At my prom, I made the mistake of forgetting to tell my father what time to pick up the corsage, and he got to the store right before it closed. Another problem that you have to keep your eye out for is social media. After prom is a big thing, go out and have fun! However, make sure to be somewhat responsible and make sure you and your friends don’t post anything bad on social media (you know exactly what we’re talking about).

Have fun and be safe!

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