A Guide To… Prom Shopping

Yesterday was the first day of March, and you know what that means.

Prom season.

Now some people may cringe and say “I’m not going to prom I’m not into that sort of thing”. But my friends and I are so excited. Prom is one month and two weeks away from today and hair, nail, and makeup appointments are made. Promposals are being thought about, dress shopping is taking place, and everybody is in a happy frenzy of excitement.

Now if you’re one of those people who has on idea what they even want to do about their junior prom, my advice would be go. You’ll only have this experience once and it’s an excuse to feel like a princess for a night. Finding the perfect dress is obviously the biggest part of going to prom, besides getting a date. Here’s my advice for… Prom dress shopping!Prom Dress Shopping

  1. Look online before you go – this is important! If you’re like me then you have no idea what you want. Look online to get some ideas! Ordering a dress online is always risky so I would avoid that
  2. Have a budget – set a budget and know how much you want to spend. Prom dresses are expensive and can be upwards of $200. Don’t fall in love with a dress you cant afford you’ll be devastated when you can’t get it
  3. Try on more than one style – keep an open mind! I never thought I would want a strapless dress, but I ended up buying one because I totally fell in love with it. Don’t go in set on only one style – if it doesn’t look good you’ll be let down
  4. Don’t bring too many people – you know how on Say Yes To The Dress everything crashes and burns when the bride brings too many people with her? Prom dress shopping is like that. I bought two people with me. It’s about what you want
  5. Wear heels – okay so obviously this one is optional, but I found it helped to wear heels while trying on dresses. It gave me a more realistic view of what the dress would actually look like on the day of prom
  6. Be realistic – this is also super important. Now I know I said to look online before you go, but don’t go crazy and fall in love with one dress only to find that they don’t have it at the store. Also, be realistic about sizes. It’s better to order too big than too small!
  7. Don’t try on a ton of dresses – take it from me. You’re just going to get frustrated and upset when the dresses don’t look exactly how you want. I tried on more than 30 dresses until I finally found the perfect one
  8. Getting the “butterflies” – you’re going to know when you found the right dress. You’ll put it on and you’ll just feel totally amazing and it won’t compare to the other dresses. Sounds silly but it really does happen

Good luck and happy shopping!



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